Monday, April 30, 2007


There are days that I feel that there just isn’t enough time in the day for anything. I come home from some days and wonder were did all my time go.

I put in 6 hours a day in the city.

At least 3-4 hours at home the Diva School

Not to mention my mommy time-which I feel sometimes isn’t enough

And I have to try and make time Mr. New (The old MR. JERKOFF).

Once my life is a little bit more stable I am going on vacation. Not like I can far by I jut want a weekend of no “Mommy, mommy, mommy” or the cell phone ring all day and all night.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Everything has in my life has changed and I must for the better. I’ll start with my job…well for those of you have followed my blog page I left the Wine Company. After getting slapped in the face a few time (figuratively speaking) I finally realized that my talents weren’t really appreciated there. And to my ex boss I was just another girl who he cared about was the sales guys only. But what he failed to realize was that I helped his sales force. It was me that created all the new Point of Sales and now who was going to it not his wife or the other new girl they both have a hard tome opening emails. There’s no way they could do what I did on Publisher.

I was out of work for a little while but I soon found my current job…which I love by the way. I am currently working for a construction company in the city. I am the owner’s personal assistant. Right now I work out of his home, the hours are good and the pay is good-I’m even allowed to bring my daughter to work with me if need be. Can’t any better then that?
I have also moved from old apartment and I am now renting a house in Throggs Neck (I know the famous question is “What the hell is a Throggs anyway?” Answer I have no idea). I just moved in about a week ago and I must that is great I feel such freedom and my daughter loves it cause I now have a back yard; which my dog loves too. My goal is to it buy hopefully next year.
The novel that I have been working took another turn so I am still working on it but I realized that there is a different story to tell. I want my novel to be Urban but not to street.
And not the final new different thing in my life…(Drum Roll Please lol) Mr. JERK-OFF is no longer MR. JERK-OFF (for those who just found my page MR. JERK-OFF is my daughter’s father). He’s in therapy now, has a job (people don’t fall out of your seats either) his job is on the books and he’s in the union.
He came to me last year (after and I guess through therapy he realized all the things the he did wrong to me and how doing all those thing affected our daughter. He told me that he learned after losing her (our daughter) for a year really put some perspective in his life.
But of course I wasn’t going to just take his word for it. So he has spent the last year proving to me how he has changed. He actually reminds me of the man that met 11 years ago. (damn that sounds soooo long ago lol)
So after about 9 months of him proving himself to me he took me out on a date and we have been dating since. As a matter of fact we are renting the house together and not to jinx myself but incase things don’t work I can still afford the place on my own.
I haven’t told my family yet that him have reconciled. And the reason why I haven’t is because my mother told me that if I ever wanted to get back together with him I would have to choose between the family or him. And to be honest I really shouldn’t have to. I mean I could see if he was doing the same this as before but he’s a changed man…a working man. But I did tell him if I ever find out that he went back to his old life out the door he goes.
So I am happy and everything right now is new and I love NEW!!!!