Tuesday, July 10, 2007


There is a problem with our older generation. This past Sunday my aunt had a b-day BBQ for her daughter for her. And let me tell you it was critics Mica day. First my sisters’ started in on me about my dog who they have only seen once in the year that I have had her that they are going to get me trainer for MY dog. My sisters’ think that my dog is a beast. My poor little Blondie (well she’s not that little being that she’s a pit-bull) ran away on Saturday but thank God I got her back-my older sister actually said good…what a bitch!!!!

Then the cherry on the cake was my father…my family has these friends that they have been friends with for like 40 years and they have this son who I have always felt that he was little slow and what I mean by slow is that he doesn’t hang with anyone his age or older then him (He‘s in his mid-twenties). He doesn’t even hang out with is own brother who’s like maybe 4-5 years younger then him. But for some reason his has this HUGE liking for my 8 year old daughter. I have explained to my daughter time and time again that she doesn’t play with the big boys and that she is not allowed to sit on there laps or she shouldn’t be pick up by them. I have given her every rule no closing the door stuff like that. But this kid no matter if she tells him not to do something he will still do it. And it is very annoying-my daughter told him…

“My mommy and daddy don’t like big boys picking me up.”

You know what he did-he laughed. Now what kind of crap it that.
So my father processed to tell me on Sunday that I have to have a talk with my daughter and what she’s doing isn’t right. Are F**king KIDDING ME!!!!! She’s told him time and time again but it is him who is always looking for her.

I am very proud of my daughter. I strongly believe I am raising a very good girl. She’s still for the age of 8 (going on 9 in August) is into PBS Kids, she doesn’t listen to any of the current music on the radio nor does she watch MTV or crap like that. She polite and sweet and very caring of other. Of course I don’t want anything or anyone to mess with that innocence. But my family treat me as if I have nothing to do with any of that. And I am just oblivious of anything.
I had all the talks with her about not letting anyone touch her private parts no talking to strangers. She is pick up and drop off everyday by family. But yet still they act like I have no clue as to what I am doing.

And my father has the nerve to tell me I have no reason to be offended when he keeps saying I have to do something about MY DAUGHTER!!!! Hello she’s your granddaughter and this is your life long friends kid he should say something to his parents.
I gave my father 3 options:

Options 1 I will have a talk with this kid and if I offend him well that’s not my problem and there is a chance that they could lose there 40 year friendship with his parents because there is no hair on my tongue I will say what I have to say and as long as I get my point across and I am understood then that’s all that matters to me.

Options 2. Is that my mother has a talk with him or his parents and get this crap straightened out. (My mother has away of putting things without hurting people’s feelings

Options 3. We see how the next holiday or family function goes and if he can’t behave himself the family is going to have to choose to either invite them or me and my daughter.

But the only thing that he heard was that “I will NOT be attended the family functions” which I didn’t say.

I don’t feel he should be putting all the responsibility on my 8 year old daughter and he should be shifting it the grown adult that doesn’t understand when you tell me STOP and NO!!!!
So the end result is my father pissed off at me and says that he’s not go to tell me shit anymore and to be perfectly honest I personally don’t give a crap cause if he’s not on mine and my daughter’s side then I have nothing more to say!!!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Well I did something that I think was pretty cool last week. I met my idol Jackie Collins she did a book signing and reading at Chelsea B&N. And I got to tell you that it was the most amazing thing for me. I sat in the 3rd row and the cherry on my cake I took a picture with her it was the greatest!!!!!

And as she talked about herself I realized her and I had a lot in common...and that is when she first started out before any of her books were published she use to have all these stories at least 50 pages into the story and then she would move on. Well I have that same problem I am in the middle of 2 and I really want to finish one of them but I just don't know which one to turn back too. So I am going to throw it out there to blogger friends and maybe be you can tell me which one is more appealing to you.

1. Is titled "Hustler" it's a female criminal she is kind of the female version of Scarface but this story will take place in the Bronx. This story has a lot of sex, drugs, murders.

2. Is titled "Deja vu" it's about a woman who over came a million obstacles to become a successful writer. She has everything she could ever ask for that is until her ex husband is released from jail and she finds that life is repeating it's self again.

The titles may change but that is a breif decription of the two stories I am working on.

So which one should I finish first?

Jackie Collins & Me