Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I would have to say that after this weekend I have no idea who my sisters are or what goes through there heads. The emails from my younger sister on my myspace page didn’t stop as a matter of fact I still have to reply to her last email. Which she basically said she had no secrets and that the reason she hasn’t called me was because she knew I was upset about her getting married.

Now that is how small minded my sister is she thinks that is reason why I am upset with her. She not even thinking about how she kept it from me and told my older sister, and her ex and friends of hers before she told me.

She also had the nerve to tell me that she hasn’t call me because she knew I was upset with her eloping and she was waiting for me to get over it. The girl pisses me off.

I mean really did she expect me to call her a few days after her announcement and bitch…NO I wasn’t doing that for what? So she can go back to everyone in the family and all her friends and say “You see my sister can’t even be happy for me!”

Mind you I would be happy for her if she did it for all the right reasons. Instead of getting married for whatever reason she did it for; to then cheat on him. It makes no sense to me.

And I know she looking for me to get upset and loss my temper but I refuse to do that and give her that satisfaction.
Now all I have to do is get her to stop trying to tell me how to run my life because honestly I don’t see her doing such a good job with hers.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Some people have the BIGGEST balls in the world.

Some people have the BIGGEST balls in the world.

I have a myspace page (which I barely use) so anyway my sister (the one that got married with anyone) found my page and requested me to be her friend. And about the only thing I know how to do on myspace is say “yes” the friend request. This was Tuesday night and last night she sent me another message saying, “You really shouldn’t let IDIOTS be your friends”. Now I know why she said that because one of the things one on myspace is that you can see who my friends are. And I have about 10 people on it and I think 3 of them I don’t even know who they are but one of them is MR. JERK-OFF. That’s were we email each other; not a big deal. Well, except for her that is.

Instead of her asking me why is up there she would rather leave me stupid message that the whole world can read.

And the thing that really pisses me (well there are a few reasons why it pissed me off) is that I haven’t spoken to her since my birthday on September 10th. She doesn’t call me anymore or come or visit and she got married and didn’t care how anyone felt…she did what she wanted, the way she wanted and didn’t care what anyone thought or said about it. So what the hell give her the right to make comments about anything in my life?

And I know why she didn’t tell me about her getting married and I also know why she hasn’t picked up the phone to call me either…she knows that if she would have told me about her getting married I would have questioned her.

Now don’t get me wrong I may not be the biggest fan of marriage but I would never tell someone not to get married…to each there own. But I would have questioned her decision because for as long as they (my sister & her husband) I have never seen love for him her eyes. Don’t get me wrong I know she cares deeply about him and she may love him but she has NEVER been in-love with him.

How do I know this you may ask?

Well I’ll tell you how I know she cheated on him (her husband) about a million times with her ex. And I just found out that about a week or two later after she got married she cheated on him again with her ex. So what was the point of getting married?

And if she had told me about her getting married I would have asked her “Are you sure you want to do this?”
“I thought you always said that you wanted to have your own apt first before you got married.” (She told me that. She said that she didn’t want to live with someone than get married not without knowing what it was like to be on her own)
“And what about your ex (the one she keeps sleeping with)?”

And there would be know why she could answer any of those questions and then I would have asked her “Are you sure you really want to this?”

I am waiting to see if she has anything to say after my reply; which was simple “What are you talking?” I didn’t let her know I knew what she was talking about MR. JERK-OFF.

People are just not happy unless they’re in my business.