Monday, September 20, 2010

"Back Pain"

I never have to wondered were my back pains come from or were my lack of sleeping comes from either. They both come from stress. And for as long as I have been writing this blog...wait the reason why I started this blog was to release some of my stresses. And instead of me returning to what I know which is throwing myself into my blog like I use to. I simply can't find myself writing about this road. Although it feels very familiar but I feel different like a different traveler going down it.

And I'm not sure if the blog will help me... If it will be enough. There is a part of me because I know I'm going to experience a lot of the same heart aches from before and it should be shared for my sanity. There is another part of me that screams "YOU can't keep writing about the same bullshit anymore!"

And I've been thinking whats good for the goose is just as good for me. I wrote an entry that I am still editing titled "Put up or Shut up". (Editing: my own personal way of punishing myself lol) And all I can say is that my focus needs more focus. I mean who am I to say anything to anyone about there life choices when I feel like I'm not owning my life and I don't follow my own advise at time. And I'm still afraid of letting my words out to world.

So I feel this blog needs to find its end & it need to be a good one. Because there needs to be a new chapter a new story.

Be on the look out for "Put up or Shut up"
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