Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relationships Yay or Nay

So I was chatting with my older & young sis today on the Phone about pretty much the same topic. Which is why I don’t like nor want a relationship. Now my definition of a relationship is someone that family and friends know about. Someone who time yes can work you last nerve but in the end you still want to be with them and there is no one else in the world who gets you. And doesn’t want to change and they don’t always put themselves first….so as you can see I do not have one of those.

Now here is my problem with relationships (for the woman)

1. We end up giving up a part of our self for the relationship…whether it be going out with friends, little bad habits that honestly we don’t mind but your partner can’t stand

2. Life is no long about “You or just plain old Me” now its about “Us & We”

3. Being taken for granted…it happens we tend to say “yeah they will always be there.” and BAM she stops shaving he stops showering etc LOL…you know it happens

But think the biggest reason I am the way I am is because…I’m not done with me yet…there is still a lot of me that still needs work and right now I can’t be worrying about someone else’s dreams and putting mine on hold again.