Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis the Season

Well Christmas is less then a week away and I am still unemployed...the bills are piling up and I'm trying to see some kind of silver lining.

I don't know why I can't land a job that would be good for me and my little one. All the jobs that want me either want to pay me next to nothing or they want me to work crazy hour which would make me neglect my daughter's education. Now I know you must be thinking well what about her father. Well her doing homework with him is like when I use to work with my mother and it sucked ass. He doesn't have the patients for her (mostly because he is too self involved with his own personal crap to pay attention hence causing them to fight)

I really need an early X-mas Gift like a job!!!!!!!!

But you know what really burns my ass is that I get a phone call from my older sister calls me (the one who never needs my advice) doing her fake crying about how sad she about not being married not having a child.

I mean how sorry does she want me to feel for her. She has a great job, great credit, a car, a social life. (ok well i have one of those too just not as active cause of lack of $$$$)

How can I feel sorry for her? I am a single mother with no job & no husband give me a fucken break!!!!!

I know there is a reason for everything but God can you please give me a hint because this not working is starting to stress me out and when I get stressed its hard for me to write.