Thursday, December 03, 2009

What is wrong with the world today?

I just came back from a meeting at my daughter’s school and am so disappointed in the school system…the teachers blame the board of Ed and to be honest some the blame can fall of them but not all of it. Now a days some teachers just don’t care anymore.

When I was a little girl I was diagnosed with a Learning Disability but back in the early 80’s most people were either considered MR (Mentally Retarded which I hate that word its just people who have a different way there mind works) or Lazy…my father opted for the latter.

So I was taken out of my Grammar school that I had been at since the first grade so in the fifth grade I was put in a public school. I had a teacher that actually took her time out to connect with her students and the things that confused us. In a nutshell she helped me to reprogram my brain so that I can take information in a way that I would learn it way that I would remember. And because she took the time out the work with me I always felt like that nothing could stop not even my learning disability. She was amazing!!!!!

But today I went to school to talk to them about my daughter’s testing scores and at the end of there meeting there only answer for them is to pawn my daughter off to another school to make her someone else’s problem.

I mean they were talking like she will never be able to go to college and she should just learn life skills to she can function in the world. They spoke to me about her having low self esteem my daughter lives with me what the fuck do they know about her esteem. These people who 1 sees her once a week another who sees her every other week. They want to put a label on her that is so not true about (and if she was what they think she is I wouldn’t care but to label her something she isn’t because they don’t want to deal with I won’t allow that).

So before I walked out pissed and so ready to fuck someone up (but I kept my cool) but I told them I was diagnoses with a learning disability and it never stopped me and I refuse to allow anyone to put labels on her to make there life a little simpler.