Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Everyday I still get amazed

I would have to say that this weekend has suxed ass. Every plan I made was totally fucked and ruined....
Got dressed up see Sex in the City and half my party canceled and I didn't even get to see the movie. Silver lining...I looked fabulous...

Well my ex bf was txting me from 7:30am...we were suppose to have a lunch date to if our friendship was worth saving but after 2 hours of insults and lies. Silver lining I lost 130 lbs of toxic mess..

I went with friends to see an old Freestyle group but they never showed so left early. And it turns out WBH let my cat who is a house cat & when I let my dog out they go into it and of course I got in the middle and my hand got malled in the end by the cat. As a matter of fact me & dog got our ass kicked by the cat. And I got not 1 bit of sympathy from WBH as a matter of fact I got into a fight with him because he let the cat out & didn't care what happened to me.
And because I had no use of my hands for the past few days I've needed help getting dress & doing my hair & he'll huff & buff like its an inconvenience.

I mean serioursly what is the point of have a BF if he doesn't want to help you when you need him. I mean shit I still can't use my backyard because he hasn't mowed it yet. I mean shit he does nothing all day he can't keep my damn house looking nice.. And every time we get into a fight he always has to bring up the fact that he's paying the rent...well fuck that I pay bills too con ed, cable, food and anything that comes up. Its not like I get to keep my money or I use it all on me. I carry my weight around here.

Perfect example all the blood from hands is all over my front door & steps...right today is now wednesday & he can just walk in and out & have his friend and not WHAT FUCK DO I NEED HIM FOR!!!!!!
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