Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just a Thought

I think something happens to a person after they have been let down 1 too many times. I think that is where I learned how not to trust. All the time I've been with WBD he has let me down time & time again.

As a matter of fact they all have but then I throw the question out there AGAIN "am I asking for too much"? And I have to say no...I mean I just want what I would want for my daughter...

An honest man
A loving man
A caring, kind man
One that will look at her with new eyes everyday
Someone who go out of his way to make sure she never worries
And to see her happy makes his heart swell and his body vibrate
Someone one will know her and know what will worry her what will freak her out...not what will piss her off because to be honest that has to happen in order to have GREAT make up sex...
He can finish her sentences & almost know her thoughts
But in the end someone who understands her.

This is what I want for me...
WBH claims he is that man but HELLO what are you doing with our life.

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